Technical Meeting to Exchange Experience on Recent Events in NPPs (IRS national coordinators meeting)

IRS national coordinators meeting was held in IAEA Headquarters on 28-31 October 2014. During the meeting representatives of member states presented and discussed recent events reported to IRS. Country presentations contain detailed information on the selected events, particularly following details have been presented: brief information about NPP, event description, direct and root causes, NPP safety assessment, lessons learnt and corrective actions. The information presented during the meeting was interesting from ANPP safety assessment point of view. Thus, it is recommended to use information of IRS during verification of completeness of ANPP safety assessments. If found necessary new events or failure modes could be added to ANPP current safety studies based on IRS events investigation. During the meeting presented events were grouped based on the causes and it was concluded that main events were connected with modification process and internal flooding. Mentioned topics were selected for further investigation within international working groups. Taking into account intensive modernization program of ANPP it is recommended to join international working group activities related to events occurred as a result of modifications. IRS related organizational and procedural issues were also covered during the meeting. Particularly reporting procedure and timing were discussed.