Trainings on NDC Capacity Building: Access and Analysis of Radionuclide IMS Data Products

Leading specialist on radiation safety of the NRSC Karen Haroyan participated in training on NDC (National Data Centre) Capacity Building: Access and Analysis of Radionuclide IMS (International Monitoring System) Data Products, which was held from September 29 to October 10, 2014, in Vienna International Center, organized by CTBTO. The training was quite interesting and fascinating, since there were many other participants from around the globe – Ukraine, Belarus, Albany, Tunisia and Philippines. The main goal of this training was to introduce the methods of analyses of data collected by International Monitoring System (IMS), and, in particular, analyses methods of gamma spectrums collected from radionuclide stations.

The ISM consists of four types of monitoring systems:

  • radionuclide monitoring system,
  • seismic monitoring system,
  • hydro-acoustic monitoring system, and
  • ultrasound monitoring system.

The radionuclide monitoring system consists of 80 stations designed to determine the radionuclide concentration in the air and activity measurements, and 40 stations designed to determine the concentration and activity of noble gases. The monitoring system also contains 6 special laboratories. During the trining the following topics were presented:

  • how to use the data of CTBTO IMS,
  • access to the CTBTO IMS database,
  • National Data Center in box – program package, which contains several gamma spectrometric programs designed to analyze the gamma spectrum of noble gases and other radionuclide spectral analyses.